ROOTS: farm, food & family

Meet our little team of bloggers. We’re an eclectic bunch - the mom-of-five, the animal scientist, the chef, the farmer and the token Australian - but in the belief that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, it is our hope that here at Roots, you will always find content to inspire. So without further ado, the blogger profiles ...



Melinda's our resident nutritionist. When she’s not helping out with product development, you will find her sharing up-to-the-moment information on nutrition, health and wellness. Check out her posts in Words of Wellness, or visit our Twitter feed where she shares the latest in health research.


When she’s not raising five kids, coordinating our next company social event or training for a half-marathon, Helinda is sharing stories of the family behind the farm in Scoop from the Coop. Wife to our CEO Bill and mom to Annabelle (12), Liam (10), Violet (8), Lucy (6) and Joseph (4), we’re still figuring out how she holds everything together while staying so cool, calm and collected.


As Vitala Foods CEO, Bill's passion is health. He can often be found in the Vitala Foods kitchen whipping up kale-infused smoothies to the delight of his team. The brains behind Words of Wellness, Bill will share his take on the latest nutrition research. As a type 1 diabetic and father of five, Bill is in constant pursuit of health and happiness.


Up there with the Tasmanian Devil and Blundstone Boots, Roots editor Lucy is one of the great Tasmanian exports (or so she thinks). A journalist in a former life, she pens our monthly feature stories and is the writer behind some of our other regular posts including Know Your Food, Introductions and the Monday Scramble.


When Peter was a kid, his dream was to become a construction worker - or really any occupation involving heavy machinery. Luckily, he's right at home on our farm where he will take any excuse to take our bobcat or forklift for a spin. He's also an amateur Rod Steward impersonator but that's another story. The man behind Pete's Post, he aims to keep his readers informed of all the exciting developments unfolding on our farm.