Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Vitala dairy products different?

We value traceability. That’s why Vitala dairy products including our milk, yoghurt, ice cream and cheese are made from milk sourced directly from our partner farms. Why is traceability so important to us? We believe in managing the entire supply chain – from what we feed our animals and the standards we set on our farms to our win-win relationships with our processing partners and retailers. We also believe our customers should know exactly where their food comes from.

In keeping with our mission to bring healthy foods to the world, Vitala dairy products are also all-natural, nutritious and affordable.

What makes Vitala Eggs different?

As the first in Canada to contain both DHA omega-3 and 100% daily value vitamin D, we believe Vitala Eggs are the healthiest eggs on the market. Vitala Eggs are brown, free-run and packed full of other essential nutrients including vitamin E, vitamin B12 and selenium.

How do the vitamin D and DHA omega-3 get into your eggs?

Our specially formulated feed contains both a natural DHA omega-3 supplement and a natural vitamin D2 supplement. We ffed this to our chickens, it is then absorbed and released into our eggs. Our vitamin D2 is safe, natural and healthy for our animals. We closely monitor their health to ensure they always receive the right amount.

What are the health benefits of DHA omega-3?

DHA omega-3 is a fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties and has been linked to the prevention of numerous diseases. There is now a significant body of research which demonstrates the  heart health benefits of omega-3 in addition to improving cognitive function. Other studies have shown DHA omega-3 may have a role to play in cancer prevention.

What are the health benefits of vitamin D?

Vitamin D is essential to good health helping to grow strong bones, keep our hearts healthy and boosting our immune systems. With its anti-inflammatory properties, studies have also linked vitamin D to cancer prevention, diabetes management and protecting against multiple sclerosis. One of the main sources of vitamin D is sunshine however it is estimated that up to one-quarter of Canadians are vitamin D deficient due to our relative distance from the equator.

What is CLA?

Short for conjugated linoleic acid, CLA is the term used to describe a family of fatty acids found naturally in foods such as dairy products and meat. Animal studies have shown that CLA is stored in multiple tissues including bones, brain, heart, liver, muscles, serum and spleen. Increased CLA intake has been linked to increased bone density in humans and studies have also shown CLA may have other promising health effects including the prevention of cancer and heart disease as well as improved immune function.

What is EcoDairy in partnership with Science World?

EcoDairy in partnership with Science World is our one-of-a-kind demonstration farm in Abbotsford, BC. With interactive exhibits developed in partnership with Science World British Columbia, EcoDairy provides a unique, hands-on experience where visitors can discover where their food comes from. For more information, visit the website.