Father’s Day 2018

June 14th, 2018|

Father’s Day is this weekend.

It’s been said that anyone can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad.  It’s true.

These 5 chicklets feel pretty blessed to be celebrating Fathers Day with their Dad.  He may not be perfect but I think he comes pretty close and they all had no trouble coming up with a reason to celebrate their him this Fathers Day. Here’s why:


I may not be his kid but I feel thankful our 5 kids get to call him Dad and I get to share the role of parent with him…we kind of have the ‘good cop’ ‘bad cop’ thing going on…I feed them donuts, offer them a water and listen to their plight and he lays down the law and applies the sentence.

We all want to be sure he enjoys Fathers Day so after a little searching on-line they found the perfect Fathers Day Breakfast for dear old Dad…and they will be sure to use Vitala dairy and egg products when the recipe prompts for such ingredients.

Image result for fathers Day Frittata

Happy Fathers Day!