310 km, 11 Family Members, 1 Epic Trip

My family and I got the chance to travel to Japan by bikes with Oka Tours!


It was a phenomenal way to see the country which was way more beautiful than I ever imagined. We rode, stopped to see tourist sites, rode, stopped for pastries, rode, stopped for coffee (at vending machines which dotted even the most remote areas) and then reclined at a table to feast on huge meals every night.

Lara3 Lara4 Lara5

While cycling around Sado Island with my family, we got the chance to take a drumming lesson from the most well-known Taiko drumming group…Kodo! Our instructor was an absolute blast with hysterical expressions and boisterous shouting during the drumming that made the experience a hilarious and wondering break from a hard day’s ride. http://www.kodo.or.jp/index_en.html

Lara6 Lara7Lara8

The best part of the trip was staying a traditional Ryokan which had tatami-matted rooms, traditional robes worn in the hotel by the guests called “Yakata”, “Onsen” or a hot spring communal baths and a traditional 15 course meal prepared from local foods!

Last three photos from http://www.rankei.com/