A change of pace

I love my family, I love the life we have but sometimes, I can’t deny it, it feels a little hectic. A business to run, a household to maintain and five kids can get a little crazy  and things can feel a little out of control. It feels like we are being pulled in several directions and that’s because…well, we are.  One kid needs to be at a volleyball tournament in Hatzic, another has a hockey game in Delta and 2 have a birthday party to be at, and one has a headache and I have a volunteer commitment to fulfill. That was our Saturday this past weekend. Phew!


And that is also why this past Sunday felt sacred. Not only did Saturday’s rain clouds move on but the fog lifted and the tidal wave of busyness passed. It was such a treat to have some free time on the schedule and enjoy the opportunity to spend some time together just relaxing as a family. We went to church, we read, we walked, we talked, we laughed, we napped, we played, we held hands and just relished in what it means to be a family. And what better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon than to get outside and enjoy the brisk air and blue skies on a colorful fall day.


And I figure it’s those crazy hectic days that make our lazy Sunday’s together all the more fabulous.