A fall celebration

IT’S BEEN a while since we have hosted an event at the farm and so it was with a little trepidation that we dipped our toes into organizing a long table dinner.


After all, we had big shoes to fill – remember those incredible Fieldstone Vintage Markets hosted onsite in 2011?


Long Table 24 Tanya-Goehring-Post-Photography-Vitala-Long-Table-1534 Long Table 50


We wanted to be able to celebrate the last of summer’s harvest, the arrival of fall and of course the launch of our new blog.


We thought it high time we bring together some of our favourite local food and lifestyle bloggers to show them around our farm and swap stories over a family-style dinner.


We knew we had the perfect setting.


We just had to cross our fingers the weather would play nice and the goats were not plotting any elaborate escape attempts that evening.


Long Table 43 Long Table 44 Long Table 42


Farmer Pete and CEO Bill were very happy to show our visitors around the farm – Peter casually informing them we turned the farm smell down to low in their honour.


Our girls were on their best behavior throughout the tour, kindly demonstrating their luxurious cow brush and sleeping mats.


Long Table 47 Long Table 41 Long Table 46 Long Table 36 Long Table 34 Long Table 35 longtable2 Tanya-Goehring-Post-Photography-Vitala-Long-Table-1066


Our friends at Nature’s Pickin’s had just taken delivery of the biggest apples we had ever seen – the perfect place card holders for a fall harvest celebration.


We gathered Vanderkooi family heirloom china including dinner plates, platters, serving bowls and a beautifully eclectic array of vintage tea-cups.


Tea light candles lined the paths while hay bales and our home-grown spaghetti squash and sweet corn to remind us all of where we were.


longtable3 Long Table 29 Long Table 28 longtable5


With a passion for seasonal food and local wine, we knew husband and wife team Nessa van Bergen and Dino Renaerts of the Bon Vivant group were the perfect fit for our event as soon as they walked in.


We challenged them to create a four-course dinner incorporating Vitala product with meat and local produce sourced from Nature’s Pickin’s.


Long Table 30 Long Table 37 Long Table 23 Long Table 22 Long Table 18 Long Table 4 Long Table 3


Having invited 16 of the lower mainland’s leading online influencers to dinner, we were reminded of just how small the world is.


Old friends reunited, acquaintances re-connected and as the food and wine kept coming so too, did the conversation.


It was with some surprise, that Helinda and I realized our event had run over time 30 minutes and we needed to get those Vancouverites back on the bus.


Long Table 5 Long Table 8 Long Table 6 Tanya-Goehring-Post-Photography-Vitala-Long-Table-1535 Long Table 1

And so it was, with a tinge of sadness that the night came to an end and the last stragglers drove back out the farm gate.


We are still so grateful and amazed that so many wonderful people were willing to take the time to make the trek out to see us in the Fraser Valley. So thanks team, without you, this wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun!





Photography: Tanya Goehring | Post Photography


Décor/event styling: Partners and Hawes


Food: Dino Renaerts and Nessa van Bergen | The Bon Vivant Group


Wine: Haywire, Serendipity Winery and Arrowleaf Cellars


Music: Scott Perrie


Event management: Ladawne Shelstad | Crush Brand Lab