Aloha Maui

ALOHA!  We were looking for a great spring break vacation and Maui delivered.  Here is our list of TOP 10 things to see and do on this tropical paradise island.

EXPLORE THE BEACHES – there are so many terrific beaches to explore and experience and you never know what you might stumble upon…a group of nudists or a bunch of turtles.

Maui Joe Maui turtles.

SNORKELING – The Maui coastline is abundant with active, accessible and colorful coral reefs.  We have seen all sorts of tropical fish and sea life including turtles, eels, manta-rays, octopus.

BOOGIE BOARDING – a favorite past time on these radical waves.

HALEAKALA – take the time to drive up to this volcanic mountain crater…even the kids appreciated the views and vistas and feeling like your on top of the world

SAILING EXCURSION & WHALE WATCH TOUR– Explore the ocean, learn about the humpbacks and enjoy the power of the wind on a sailing charter.

Maui Violet sea urchin  Maui Lucy sail

SURFING – The kids have loved learning to surf in Maui  the waves are a perfect size, the water a perfect temperature and the instructors make it a whole lot of fun.

Maui Annabelle surfing Maui bamboo Maui waterfall

BAMBOO FOREST – hard to find, a bit to hike but worth it.  It’s a cool experience walking through the bamboo forest and coming to the various waterfalls, and climbing cliffs to jump into refreshing pools.

WAILEA WALKWAY – perfectly manicured grounds on one side and glorious coastline on the other, this paved walkway is great for an early morning jog, mid day walk or sunset stroll as you watch the waves, the boats, the whales, the sky and the shoreline and take in a free luau if you’re lucky.

HIT THE ROAD & VISIT THE VILLAGES – we have actually never made it to Hana but we try to drive the famous Road to Hana every time, this time we made it to the Bamboo Forest which was part way up the road.  We also are sure to visit other towns including Lahaina for the Banyan Tree and shaved ice and artsy Paia on our way to watch the real surfers in Hookipa.

Maui Wailea walkway   Maui liam and me

HAWAIIAN HISTORY – Maui (Hawaii in general) has a lot of cool history so we always try visit or experience authentic Hawaii.  Maybe it’s a day trip to Pearl Harbor, a visit to the Sugar Cane Factory, riding the Sugar Cane Train, touring Lahinas museums, horseback riding upcountry, visiting a pineapple plantation or taking in a Luau (we kinda cheated on this one, while walking the Wailea pathway one evening we were able to listen to the musicians and watch the hoola girls and fire dancers for free) etc.

Maui waterfall family Maui - secret beach

We had a blast…and we weren’t the only ones….there was a whole bunch of people from Abbotsford and Vancouver area on Maui and spending time with them was a highlight as well.