Annabelle’s birthday

More than a decade ago I began a new vocation…a job so demanding that I find myself working around the clock 24/7. It has caused headaches, sleepless nights and no doubt a few gray hairs and to top it off the pay is lousy and hasn’t improved even though I’ve been at it for so many years and have taken on a lot more responsibility. It is a profession that doesn’t get the accolades that other professional women bask in. But, there is nothing like this job and the good news is I LOVE it.


I’d had no idea I’d love it as much as I do until I met my oldest daughter Annabelle who gave me the title of Mom 13 years ago today.  (Yes, yikes…I am the mother of a teenager but I won’t focus on myself here but on her because…) I am so proud to be her mom and I love who she is.  My Annabelle is strong, creative, artistic, athletic, adventurous, fun, determined and beautiful inside and out.  Thanks Annabelle for introducing me to motherhood!  Happy Birthday to you!