How About Them Apples

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away….

Not sure if it’s true or not but I love a good apple; crisp, juicy, ripe and without a bruise and the bonus is that apples are nutritious and filled with a variety of vitamins and minerals; making it a perfect snack.

Sometimes it amazes me how a single fruit can come in such a variety of tastes and colors, the green tart Granny Smith to the bright, sweet Red Delicious and everything in between. Not only do they taste and look different but they are also used in varying ways; one apple is perfect for apple pie while another one makes great applesauce and so on.

It also amazes me that one family can have such varied tastes in their preference for apples, needless to say the apple bowl in our home is very colorful. Annabelle prefers the ‘Honey Crisp’ apple, Liam would rather not touch an apple, Violet the ‘Royal Gala’ (after all, she is a bit of a princess), Lucy likes the ‘Granny Smith’ cut up into wedges and Joe likes the Jonegold…because it begins with the letter J.

The local apple trees are heavy with this seasons yield and the orchards are ready for business as the apple harvesting season begins. Two of my favorites orchards are the free and always welcoming Willow View Farms (who in my opinion have the best fresh pressed apple juice ever…and I don’t usually like apple juice but theirs is delicious) and of course the other experts over at the Taves family Apple Barn where there is something for everyone. Both farms are worth a visit and have apples, pumpkins, tours and the bounty of this year’s harvest readily available.

To find out more about our local apples click here.

So head on over to the orchard where the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…literally.