Back to cool

MY KIDS were buzzing with excitement on Monday night and Tuesday morning with the anticipation of getting back to school. Yes,summer holidays are over and the new school year is upon us.


Getting ready and heading off to school was a breeze with a house full of eager beavers preoccupied with meeting old friends, making new ones, finding classrooms, meeting teachers, dressing in outfits that were laid out the night before, deciding on hair-dos, packing back-packs and lunches, everyone piling into the truck and fastening seatbelts all before I had made myself a morning coffee. Yes, it was a great morning!


Sadly, I fear this novelty and the excitement of back to school will wear off. Mornings might not always run so smoothly as kids sleep late, we search for misplaced library books, lost homework, stray socks and missing lunch bags, scrambling out the door and barely making it to school on time, only to find out someone left their lunch on the counter or their gym strip in the boot room…I speak from experience because I had a few such mornings during the last school year. But a new year is a new beginning and I hope we ride this back to school ‘high’ throughout the year. And looking at the eager faces of my chicklets as I snapped their photos Tuesday morning, I believe it’s possible.


I am sure going to miss spending my days with these little people.