Back to School 2016

Back to school arrived bright and early this morning.
We were ready?!? ¬†Well…today we were ready.

Back to setting alarm clocks and enforcing bedtimes.
Back to early mornings and coaxing kids out of bed.
Back to packing lunches and ensuring they get eaten.
Back to rushed breakfasts with dirty dishes remaining on the counter until after school.
Back to tripping over backpacks sitting in the hallway and shoes littering the floor.
Back to reminders to brush your teeth, make your bed, fix your hair, don’t forget your lunch, do your homework, remember your library books, change your shirt, grab a jacket, etc.
Back to school stories, successes, failures and dilemmas.
Back to a full schedule of school activities, extracurricular activities & sports.
Back to school arrived this morning and we were ready and even excited!

Tomorrow might be a different story!?!Welcome Back to School!

bag lunches x10