BC Hop Fest 2015: Fresh Beer Celebration


It was a bright and sunny fall day when we drove onto a hop farm in the middle of Sumas Praire. That’s right, a hop farm, and just in case you weren’t aware hops are used to make beer.

hopfest bill

We parked in a field full of cars adjacent to hop field where only a few rows of hops remained standing with the other rows having been recently harvested for local breweries.  We were at this field for BC Hop Fest: Fresh Beer Celebration.

hopfest save water

It was a sold out event only planned a few months ago, an obvious success.  Guests were given a glass had the opportunity to sample different beers from over 15 BC breweries many of them local to the Fraser Valley.  Not only breweries but Choclatas was on hand with hop infused chocolates as well as hop infused bratwurst from Lepps Market and various food trucks.  The wind was blowing, the beer was flowing and the music from the band and chatter from the crowds filled the air.

hopfest view

How could we not have a great time! In the crowd everyone mingled, dignitaries and bearded brewers and intellects and craftsman and appointed officials and tattooed millennials and hipsters and entrepreneurs and artists and students and farmers and environmentalists and regular folks like me all gathered together to celebrate beer.

hopfest me

It was a lot of fun I only wish we had more time to enjoy the local harvest.  Maybe next year…save the date October 1st 2016!