Bees, Bees, Bees

Did you know we keep bees at the farm? Ever since the hives arrived about 12 months ago, our bee population has been steadily increasing. This great news.  While a the idea of millions of bees in a small space may sound scary, bees and other pollinators are actually an essential part of a healthy environment. To help our bees, we have cut out the use of seed preservatives and pesticides known to harm bee populations. Having a healthy population of pollinators is extremely important to farmers as pollination is what helps with plant reproduction. We have even noticed an increase in the blueberry crop this year. Not to mention getting lots of delicious honey too!

The bee keeper stopped by today and we snapped some photos for you.

bees (5 of 5) bees (1 of 1) bees (2 of 5) bees (1 of 5)