Being gentler on our planet

As it’s Earth Week, we thought we would share some of the activities we do on the farm to be kind to our planet. Are you celebrating Earth Week this week? What are some of the things you do to reduce your impact on our world?


Green Roof: You may have seen our goats basking in the sun on the roof of our animal exhibit but did you know it’s actually a green roof? We capture the rainwater that runs off the roof of our EcoDairy and use it to water the grass providing a perfect space to make our goats feel at home.


Anaerobic Digester:  Our EcoDairy is home to an anaerobic digester as part of a CowPower BC pilot project. The digester converts cow manure collected from our dairy barn into biogas which is then used to power our farm. This cuts our dependency on electricity from the grid by one third!




Cow Comfort: Our girls get only the best when it comes to bedding. In addition to their special gel mats, we also use a bi-product from the anaerobic digestion process in place of sawdust in our dairy barn. This means we don’t have to buy sawdust to for Annabelle and friends to sleep on.


To find out more about what we do to help our environment, check out our EcoDairy website!


And don’t forget about Earth Day tomorrow. You can find lots of great ideas for ways you can get involved on their site!