Bon Appetit

Whether they are dressed in a suit and tie, or pushing a shopping cart full of bottles, customers at the Save on Meats sandwich window can always count on one thing from Corey Rockl.


“There you are my friend, bon appetit.”


Rockl’s perpetually smiling face and warm demeanour have become trademarks of the sandwich window she manages.


“One of the rules I have when I bring people in, even just for a day, I tell them, my number one rule besides washing your hands is that it doesn’t matter if they’re pushing a shopping cart full of bottles or they have a Versace suit on, treat them exactly the same way. You talk to them the same, you treat them the same, you look at them the same. It doesn’t matter,” she said.


Rockl is no stranger to hospitality having cooked professionally for the past 15 years. She admits to wearing her heart on her sleeve and her easy banter with customers makes her a perfect fit for the sandwich window.


“I was gunning for the window the minute I laid eyes on it,” she said.


“I’ve been cooking professionally for 15 years but I didn’t do so well on the line because I was too chatty. They don’t like you to chat on the line. I didn’t like it, it wasn’t me. Here I get to use my skills but it’s the people – I get to talk to them, I get to interact with them, it’s literally the best of both worlds.”