Buckets of blueberries

Our no-spray blueberry crop is finally bearing fruit! We are now selling them at Nature’s Pickin’s and with literally a few steps from field to store, you can’t get much fresher! To celebrate, we decide to dedicate this week’s edition of Know Your Food to this most delicious superfood.

Why we love them: research has shown to have a preventative role in a number of diseases and health conditions including cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and heart disease. They are also loaded with vitamin C and fiber.

When to buy them: Fresh, local blueberries are in stores now. While you can of course buy them year-round, they are likely to be imported from the States or Mexico.

How to eat them: Here at Vitala Foods, we have been eating them by the handful though they are an excellent addition to a bowl of breakfast cereal or even atop a summer salad!