Celebrating 70 & 75

Meet the In-Laws: Hank & Henrietta Vanderkooi.

They just recently hosted a celebration for their birthdays, Moms 70th and Dads 75th.

It was a wonderful time for us as a family along with good friends, to get together, share memories, recall stories, visit, laugh, sing, entertain and celebrate these two, the life they are living, the lives they have impacted, the matches they have made, the hearts they have mended,  the people they have walked along side through hardships, the love that they share, the ways that they care and the faith that they have.

Some people have a real hard time with in-laws but I consider myself pretty lucky…they are not a bad family to have married into…after all they produced and raised my husband (and his 5 wild siblings) and they are the ever adored PaPa & Granny to our 5 kids and 21 other grandkids(26 in total plus one grandkid).

H&H bros & sis H&H grandkiddies

Happy Birthday you two!  You make 70 and 75 look good…and I am not just saying that because I want you to like me more…after all, we all know who your favorite is!

H&H bill & dad