Crazy for Carrots

Orange, white, yellow, red, or purple… carrots come in a variety of colours but the most common one of course is orange. Fun fact: Apparently up until the 15th or 16th century you could only find yellow, red or purple ones.

Why we love them: Not only are they full of crunch and a little bit sweet, they are also full of great nutrients. Just 1 cup of chopped raw carrots has 113% of your DV Vitamin A, which is great for your vision, your immune system and cell growth. They’re also full of Biotin (essential for the metabolic process), Vitamin K, Fibre, Vitamin C, and much more!


How to eat them: To keep all the healthy good stuff in them, eat your carrots raw or steamed (but don’t overcook them). Also, if they’re organic just give them a little scrub and eat away, but if they aren’t organic be sure to peel them to get off all the pesticides. Shred and add to your favourite salad, steam and serve with some broccoli and rice, or just steam and season as a side dish on their own.


When to buy them: Carrots are harvested all year round, however their natural season is late Summer/Fall.


What to look for: There are three main things you want to look for when buying carrots: firm, smooth and bright,


Extra facts:

– If bought with stems still attached, remove them before refrigerating to keep them fresh longer.

– The larger the carrot, the sweeter it is.

– First grown as medicine, not food.

– Can grow to be three feet long.