Don’t Forget About Vitamin D

The importance of vitamin D is often underestimated.

Vitamin D is implicated in helping to prevent many diseases. Unfortunately many people are deficient.

Most people assume they get enough from sun exposure, but the truth is that because of lifestyle changes, this is not the case anymore.  For instance, we spend much more time indoors, and when we are outside we cover up or apply sunscreen and really the sun’s rays are only potent enough to stimulate vitamin D production in your body from April to August…but lets face it, we haven’t seen a lot of sun this April.

Another interesting fact is there are just a few foods that you can consume to get vitamin D. Fluid milk is fortified and some cereals and processed foods are also fortified. Fish oils, mushrooms and eggs can also be good sources. Make sure you read the nutrition labels.


Did you know that Vitala Eggs contain 100% of you daily value (DV) of vitamin D in just one egg. That’s right, Vitala chickens are feed a special diet including a natural source of vitamin D so that the eggs are naturally enriched.


I love eating eggs (scrambled or over medium), especially Vitala Eggs since they are so nutrient rich with Omega-3, Vitamin D and lots more trace minerals and vitamins- that’s why we like to call them ‘natures multi-vitamin’. I eat eggs every morning and usually between 2 and 4 of them. Science has proven that eating eggs, especially Omega-3 eggs are a health choice.


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