Farm Girl At Heart: Part 1

Cow Pies Make Me Smile

Anyone who drives into the Abbotsford/Chilliwack valley has a thing or two to say about the smell of the nearby farms, it’s distinct.  They say it stinks.  While I do cringe at the smell of the chicken, turkey, hog and mushroom farms, truth be told, when it comes to the smell of the dairy farm, I love it.  Weird right?!?  Okay, I don’t want to personally smell like cow pies, I don’t want to bottle it and spray it on like perfume or anything, but when I smell a dairy farm, I am flooded by happy memories of growing up on a farm.

Farm Girl at Heart

Let’s just say, farming is in my blood, I grew up on a dairy farm and lived on farms most of my childhood.  As did my parents and my parents parents.

I love farming and grew up understanding the importance of farming and all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into it.  Farming isn’t always glamorous and it is not always lucrative but it is always necessary and requires heart & soul.

Life of a Farm Girl

I have lived the life of a farmer; getting up before sunrise to milk cows by machine or goats by hand, working all day to muck stalls, deliver baby animals, bottle feed calves, nurse baby goats, tend to wounds, collect chicken and duck eggs, ride horses, drive tractor, buck hay bales, clean barns, scrape manure, plant seeds, harvest crops, pick berries, churned milk into butter.  I have farm memories of being chased by a bull or a stinky ram, I have been late for school smelling like manure because I had to herd up the animals that had gotten lose, had my foot run over by a tractor, had a pet goat I would take for walks, fallen out of the hayloft, had siblings who have fallen into manure pits or got lost in the corn field or got shot by big brother with a pellet gun, (my poor mother?!?) I even had a pet baby skunk for a few weeks, and so on.

These stories may sound CRAZY to some but to others, who like me grew up on the farm, they just sound normal.

I am who I am because of my farming background.  Call me a hick…I don’t care…I love farming, but that doesn’t mean I love country music 🙁

Farm Girl Meets Billy Bob, son of a Dairy Farmer

Bill and I knew each other as kids…well actually, our families knew each other. He was my older brothers friend in elementary school and while he came over as a kid and I knew who Billy was, he claims he had no idea I existed…whaaaat…the invisible little sister 🙁

Yah, he didn’t notice me…that is until we were both a few years past puberty and we met again as young adults.  Love at first sight…maybe not, but after we each got some travelling, education and adventures out of our systems we started dating in our 20’s and viola…here we are 5 kids and 20 years later…and we still have something to do with farming.

Stay Tuned

Come visit the blog again to find out what this farm girl and farm boy have done with the past 20 years.