Garden Cheats

Have you planted your garden yet?

Fortunately it’s not too late, I have good news. I made a discovery this past weekend at the local home and garden store. I’m calling them ‘garden cheats’: already established vegetable and herb garden plants.


I mentioned last week we planted our garden boxes… the kids got involved, selected seeds, made rows, dug their hands into the dirt, watered the garden, it was lots of fun…now the waiting begins.

Why wait to see if the seed survives the heat, the drought, the elements, the pests and takes root when you can buy an already established plant.

Okay sure, it’s fun watching the seeds burst through the soil, but there is something really great about having an already established plant too.

I don’t need to wait for my harvest, the plants I bought are already ‘bearing fruit’ so to speak.  Need kale and spinach for the Vitala yogurt breakfast smoothie,? I’ll just pluck that from the garden. Chives for those baked potatoes, no problem. Basil for my cherry tomatoes and Bocconcini salad, at my finger tips.


When I first discovered these plants I couldn’t help myself and bought a handful…and then I even went back the next day for more.

So yes, my garden is planted and thriving, because when it comes to gardening, I’m okay with cheating.

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