Gardening part 1

Vanderkooi kids, Vanderkooi kids

How does your garden grow?

In 3 garden boxes

All in a row.


I’ll admit it, I don’t naturally have a green thumb. I love the whole idea of gardening but I haven’t been particularly successful with it…that is until Farmer Pete built me some fabulous garden boxes. I cannot say enough about garden boxes but let me tell you a few of the reasons I am a HUGE fan:


– Little kids and cats don’t run across your garden trampling your little plants

– Bunnies don’t nibble your greens

– Dogs don’t water your lettuce as they mark their territory and cats don’t leave little nuggets of buried treasure

– You can fill the boxes with top quality soil rather than trying to work with the very unfertile dirt on our plot

– They stay warmer which makes for better growing conditions

– Less slug invasions

– Easier to weed…no more aching back


Last year was my first year with garden boxes and in all the years I have had a garden it was my best harvest ever and I look forward to another bumper crop.