Get HIIT with Jenni

Meet Jenni:

She’s spunky, strong, smart and beautiful, a farmer’s wife young mother to four wonderful girls, talented entrepreneur who crochets, crafts and creates, amazing decorator, a fitness fanatic, and my friend… who likes to kick my butt.

I get to train with Jenni once a week and it’s kind of a love-hate relationship, I hate it while I’m doing it but I love how I feel when I’m done.

How does she kick my butt? Well she HIITs me…let’s let Jenni explain.


Q: So tell me what’s HIIT?

A: HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  There is not one specific way to do it; which makes it extremely versatile, fun and continually challenging.

The basic premise is short bursts of intense activity followed by periods of recovery.  While the typical form is a 1:1 ratio, there a multitude of different ways to do it.  It can be quite intense, and adequate rest needs to be factored in, therefore HIIT training should be included 3 times a week maximally.


Q: What do you like about HIIT?

A: My favorite way to HIIT is alternating bursts of strength based, functionally designed, strength training exercises with high intensity cardio.  I love how much I can sweat in a short amount of time.  It pushes me to the max each time.  I am strong and fit, but the key with HIIT is you can always push yourself to complete more repetitions of any given exercise in the time frame, therefore always leaving room for growth and success.


Q: Why would you recommend HIIT?

A: Busy?  No problem.  HIIT will get it done.  Minimum time, Maximum Intensity.  Workouts can be achieved in 30 minutes, 3 days a week.

Need to be Challenged?  Workouts are fast, intense and continually challenging.  Did 10 pushups one round…aim for 11 next time!

No Equipment Needed?  You already have the resistance.  IT’S YOU!

Want to lose weight and build muscle at the same time?  Not only do you get to work your heart and muscles at the same time, but you will experience increased fat burn for up to 24 hours afterward and minimize the muscle loss associated with typical cardio based routines.


Q: What’s the best bit of fitness advice you’d share with someone?

A: NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY!  It’s posted on my gym wall and pushes me to do my best each and every time I workout.

IT’S A JOURNEY! Make activity part of your lifestyle. What you do for fitness doesn’t matter so much. Variety is key. Focus on loving what you do and doing it often. Work Hard. Sweat. Have fun. Never Stop.


Thanks Jenni…looking forward to my next butt kickin:)