Getting to know Jodie

Meet Jodie Braaten – one of the incredibly talented designers who put together our new-look EcoDairy in partnership with Science World Discovery Centre.

We thought you might like to get know Jodie and so put her on the spot with eight hard-hitting questions.


1. What are you reading right now?

I just finished ‘Freedom’ by Johnathan Franzen, one of those highly recommended must reads …  not just by Oprah.


2. What’s your favourite way to relax on the weekend?

A glass of wine on the deck with the sound of the birds.


3. One thing you know now you wish you had known then?

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but everyone wants to be the Designer.


4. Who inspires you?

The past, Goran Kropp, an extreme outdoor adventurist, that was full of enthusiasm and never backed down from a challenge.


5. One thing on your bucket list?

Volunteer to study animal activity in some remote part of the world, like Snow Leopards in India.


6. If you could invite anyone over for dinner, who would it be and what would you cook for them?

My Mom, if she would ever come visit. I wouldn’t worry about what to serve her until she showed up.


7. Tell us the movie you most recently watched?

Point Break, a classic 80’s surf show that confirms that Keanu Reeves will always be a bad actor.


8. Favourite new EcoDairy exhibit?

All of it, it would be wrong of me to highlight just one piece, the space is one big exhibit but I do think Vicki is pretty cute!