Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving day has come and gone but I cant help but reflect on how important it is to give thanks the whole year through.
Sure I love the Thanksgiving table full of food especially the brussel sprouts, stuffing and dessert as well as the gathering of family and friends and a day off of work but there is more than that to be thankful for.
When I asked my kids what they were thankful for they came up with a variety of things.


They listed such things as: family, friends, each other, Jesus, cotton candy, cousins, books, hockey, health, good food, Tux (our dog), nature, this world, our home, family vacations, food to eat, my blanket, games, sports, lego, animals, a comfy bed, pancakes, dates with dad, all the work mom does, birds, that my legs can run, 2 eyes that see, doctors, the ability to heal, candy, dentists, Star Wars, fall colors, crisp apples, school, bacon, milk & cereal, shoes & clothes, hot chocolate…etc.

As you see, the list of items to be thankful for was all over the place, I love the variety and their ability to be grateful for some of the things one might take for granted.  I am remided that there is always something to be thankful for.

happy thankful quote

What are you thankful for?