Hallelujah: A Christmas Production


Last night I had the opportunity to enjoy the ACS all school Hallelujah Christmas concert which four of my five chicklets participated in.  It was an all school production involving all of the students in grades 1-5, many middle school students and a hand full of high school students.

There was much excitement and anticipation pre-show as the littles prepared (goofed off) and the buskers played for the arriving guests.

programpre show busker close up choir

Let’s just say, it gave me shivers.  The atmosphere, the history of George Handel, the design, the gathering of community, the celebration of the season and the music….oh the music.  The instruments and the solos and duets but my favorite was listening to all those passionate voices singing together in unison to a packed house.

Congratulations on a terrific performance!

Hallelujah indeed!