Happy Birthday to Me

HOW APPROPRIATE that we have launched this blog just in time for me to reflect on my birthday! To celebrate the big day my hubby, Bill took me to Toronto for a few days. Sure, he had a business engagement to attend (our VitaD Sunshine Eggs were up for the New Product of the year at the Canadian Grand Prix Awards…and won two fantastic awards, yippee) but he let me tag along and I was thrilled.

While a trip away sounds glamorous it wasn’t feeling very glamorous as I prepared.  Leaving five kids behind is the challenge; arranging childcare, rides, trying to ensure they will make it to practices, rehearsals, performances, parties, lessons and school is no easy task and the amount of work that went into that made me pause and wonder, would this trip away be worth it?

Well, I have to say I was not disappointed!  Woke up early Monday morning and got the kids off as usual before heading to the local airport.  Ah, there is a sweet tranquility when you hand over the responsibility of daily life for a brief reprieve.  The flight alone was a luxury for me, I could read my book uninterrupted save for the soft soothing voice of the flight attendant bringing me snacks and drinks before I even needed to ask, I was able to watch a movie that wasn’t G rated.  The hotel was an oasis.  Sleeping in a bed I did not have to make, using towels that someone else laundered for me.  Sleeping late with no small bodies crawling in beside me and kicking me around. Meals eaten that I didn’t have to prepare, clean up after or hear ‘this is gross’.   Spending quality, uninterrupted time with my main squeeze, reconnecting and seeing the sights whether it be the panoramic view from the top of the CN tower, aboard the Maiden of the Mist at Niagra Falls or touring wine country at our leisure.

And while I am all about embracing the moment I found myself wondering what my kids were up to, longing to hear their voices, see their faces and feel their cheeks against mine. Bill and I talked about us but our conversations seemed to slip back to what ‘us’ made; our kids.  Had I forgotten the messes they make, the bickering that occurs, the meals they consume, all the running around I need to do for them?  No, I hadn’t forgotten.  But these inconveniences pale in comparison to the joy that they bring to my life.  As we talk I look at this man and thank him for the best gift ever, motherhood.  This family of mine is the greatest gift so Happy Birthday to me!