The HEART of the Matter

It’s February and what better time to talk about my 2015 Resolution in respect to matters of the HEART from the resolution series on Body – Mind – HEART – Soul.

The HEART resolution I shared was to perform and journal about a daily ‘GOOD DEED’ or ‘ACT OF KINDNESS’.  Why? Because I want to make people feel good, to feel like they matter and are important and appreciated…and if they feel that they might PAY IT FORWARD.

Now let’s be clear…I like to think I was raised right and perform kind deeds daily even before I made this resolution.

I often have ideas or intentions to do little acts of kindness for people to show appreciation or that I care…but sadly they often remain as ideas or intentions.  It’s time to take action!  This year I won’t just THINK of such things I will take action and DO them.

I’m talking ACTS OF KINDNESS that require a little more time and effort on my part. When someone pops into my mind I won’t just think about them I will take action and do something; make a meal for a new Mom, watch my friends kids, write a note of praise, give an anonymous gift, taking the time to acknowledge a workers job well done, volunteering my time where normally I wouldn’t, text an encouragement to a friend, send a thank you note expressing my appreciation to someone, bake cookies and deliver to a group or family, send a love note in my kids lunch box, pay for someone’s order in the Starbucks drive thru, send someone flowers…you get the idea.

They say you are judged by your actions not your intentions so this year I am turning my good intentions into actions – as in ACTS OF KINDNESS.  Go ahead…give it a try, these acts might make the recipient feel pretty good but it feels pretty great to give too!  It’s a win-win!


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