Hello Spring – Who’s Up For a BBQ?

Spring has Sprung

I think it is safe to say spring has officially arrived … at least in beautiful British Columbia.
The last of the snow has finally melted, temperatures are rising and the sun is shining.
The grass is greening up, some trees are blossoming, birds are chirping and Spring Break is coming to an end.  We are loving all the spring changes and we hope you are too.

Celebrate Spring with a BBQ

Why not celebrate the new season with a spring barbecue.
Be a hero this weekend and bring home some Hanks Grass Fed Beef available at Natures Pickins Market and Meadow Valley Meats 

Hanks Grass Fed Beef BBQ

Hank’s Grass Fed Beef is pasture grazed, locally raised, healthy, 100% Canadian premium beef which also happens to be DELICIOUS.

Find out for yourself and taste the difference.

Enjoy the weekend … and the beef!