I pick? No, U-Pick

HELLO everyone, I thought I’d give you all a quick update on the U-Pick project. We are perilously close to achieving something!

Our vegetables are growing beautifully. The potatoes, corn, and pumpkins have sprung forth from the soil. This is wonderful, except for the fact that the weeds have too. Weeds are like uninvited guests at a party. They party harder, invite their crazy cousins and put holes in the drywall. They are usually the reason why the cops come and shut down the party early but not before they defecate in the pool. Same deal with weeds. They will outgrow their civilized neighbours, choke them out, and steal all the available nutrients.

There are a lot of options available to deal with them, most of them being herbicidal. We’ve chosen to go with a mechanical solution: a tractor pulled cultivator. This unit lightly tills the soil up to the plant, uprooting the weeds before they get too large or dense. Afterwards we will go through and pull out the rest with hand tools.

We are also making huge progress with our fruit crops. We hired a local contractor named Barinder Thiara from Agri-Grow Farm Services to prepare the field for the blueberries, grapes, and blackberries. We hope to have most of the stock in by the end of today (Friday). We purchased five year old blueberry plants which will give us fruit this season, so be prepared to come down for some fresh blueberries in a couple weeks!

That’s it from me, tune in next week when I’ll teach you how to tie a bow line knot, birth a goat, and compose a symphony in D minor. I’ll also be introducing the first two chapters of my new book, “Winning a land war in Asia: 5 Steps to Easy Victory.”