Jump right in

CAN YOU believe it?!  Summer is half over.  Where does the time go?  I have to say the first half of our summer is usually a little hectic with swim club and other sports & camps.  So with all this sunshine and swim club wrapping up I expect this second half of our summer to be even better!

We got to kick off August with some time away in a charming little community at the far end of Cultus Lake called Lindell Beach. There is something almost magical about this place. Cultus Lake is nestled in the mountains where the view is spectacular and the water is refreshing. Lindell Beach is a gem of a community and has been here for more than 60 years. Many of the cabins and cottages have been in the family for as long and then there are the newcomers; the lucky ones, like us who have discovered it through friends. Sometimes coming here feels like you’re stepping back in time. The beachfront and docks are for residents only so its never too busy or too crazy.  In Lindell Beach everybody knows their neighbors and looks out for one another.  Your kids can bike down the street without the fear of speeding traffic. If you need a hand or find yourself in a pickle, whether it’s the boat coming loose and setting adrift, your toilet is on the fritz, your child wanders off or the raccoons spill your garbage this community rallies together and helps you out.

It’s our home away from home and one of my most favorite ways to spend some quality time with family. The kids love swimming out to the floating docks, having diving competitions, fishing off the docks, the boat rides and water sports and hosting friends and family for beach-side fun and barbecues.

So we find ourselves here every summer to jump right in and get refreshed!