Keeping it real

SCOOP FROM the Coop: A clever name for a post written by a mother of a handful of children.  Let me explain.

Indeed, I am the proud mother hen of 5 fabulous children who I often refer to as my chicklets or little chickies.  And while I say they are fabulous that doesn’t mean there are not days when they make me want to pull out my hair for they really know how to ruffle my feathers.  And yes,  I am married to a cock…oh maybe that sounds a little crude, a rooster who at times feels like a sixth child in that I need to feed him and clean up after him as well.  Nonetheless, he is a brilliant rooster and I love him to bits.

Within these posts you will get ‘the scoop’ or little insights, inspirations and happenings going on in my ‘coop’.  Coop being the word to describe  my household and my world.  A fitting word to use  to describe my home because, well frankly, at times it feels and looks more like a coop than a home.  With crumbs that have tumbled off the counter or sand that has been swept off of socks.  Not to mention books and papers and pages of art, notes, sketches, homework and, well chicken scratches piled high on the counters and spilling out of drawers…and don’t get me started on that never-ending pile of laundry.

Will the post always be fun, or entertaining or inspirational or insightful, well I’m not sure but I can tell you one thing is for certain;  I will be keeping it real.  I won’t pretend to be one of those perfect mothers you see in the 50s sitcoms or on the pages of magazines or posting perfect parties on Pinterest.  I am a mom and this is the Scoop from my Coop and while I like to think that sometimes I’ve got it all together like Henny Penny, make no mistake, because more often than not I feel like I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off!

And that’s just me keeping it real.