Kindergarten Already?

It was Joe’s first day of Kindergarten and fortunately he gave it a very enthusiastic two thumbs up and me, well it’s still sinking in.

Yes, my Joe is more than ready to start school but am I ready for this, sending my last chicklet off to school?

This morning after dropping him off, getting him settled with where to hang his back-pack and put his shoes, finding his spot to sit etc. the teacher gathered the group of kindergarteners and their parents at the rug for a prayer of blessing before sending the parents off. As soon as she said ‘Amen’ I mumbled a good-bye to Joe and made a bee-line for the door as the tears pooled in my eyes.

He didn’t want me to cry…I didn’t want me to cry and…to be fair, I didn’t cry… I just got a little misty eyed. I know some Mom’s can’t wait for the arrival of this day, a day of freedom and do the little happy dance but I guess I’m not one of those Mom’s.

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I miss my kids when they are at school, I’m jealous other people sometimes get to spend more hours in a day with them than I do. But I am happy too, school provides all these wonderful experiences, learning opportunities and discoveries, socializing and fun and that makes me smile.

If my kids are happy that makes me happy.

All my chicklets are happy to be in school. Am I ready for this? I guess I have to be!