I am embarrassed to admit this but my husband sometimes tosses his pop cans or water bottles in the trash bin not the recycling bin which is located right beside it and it drives me CRAZY!

Sometimes on our morning drive to school down a beautiful, secluded mountain road we see that people have dumped their load of garbage (old tvs, sofas, furniture, Christmas trees, bags of junk etc) and it drives us all CRAZY!

Sometimes, we see all the garbage and recycling we accumulate in 2 weeks and it drives us CRAZY.

Sometimes we watch a documentary or read a compelling article about how humans are destroying our planet and it drives us CRAZY.

And with the culmination of all this CRAZY we know we need to do something about it.

Today is the day….it is Earth Day, a perfect time to take action.  A perfect time for us to be the change we want to see in the world.


It has been Earth Week at the elementary school my kids attend so they have been been focusing on ways to take care of the planet; one day was about not wasting water, another day was a paperless school day, another was no trash day, and today is turn off the lights day…you get the idea.

But why limit this environmental movement of Earth Day to just a day, a week or a month…why not make it EVERYDAY.

So what are we going to do people!!!!  Lets make some Earth Day Resolutions to last the whole year through.

Here are a few ideas the kids and I came up with…some we already do most of the time, some we know we should be doing but dont always do and some are completely new ideas:

  • buy local (reduce carbon footprint)
  • put up a clothes line and hang clothes to dry
  • wash in cold water
  • use both sides of a piece of paper
  • use a reusable coffee mugs and water bottles
  • plant a garden
  • change to energy efficient light bulbs
  • turn off the computer at night
  • recycle as much as possible
  • say yes to reuseable shopping bags and NO to plastic
  • stop using chemical cleaners
  • make art out of garbage
  • drive less; bike, walk or carpool more
  • buy less and waste less
  • pick up garbage
  • recycle everything you can recycle

I am not saying we will do them all and I am sure we can come up with a lot of other ideas but as a family we are committing to doing more to take care of this wonderful world.  Lets all do our part!


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