Mothers Day 2018

Every Mom is different: different needs, different wants, different expectations, different family dynamic, different ages, different kids…here are a few things to remember this Mothers Day.


Every special occasion that involves gift giving the kids ask me what I want.  They roll their eyes when I answer that I want well behaved, kind kids who don’t whine and complain, who get along with each other, who clean their rooms without being asked and not just hear what I am saying but actually listen to what I am saying.  It’s simple and free and IT”S WHAT I REALLY WANT but it is not the answer they are looking for 🙂

So, my advice to kids out there…ask her, but don’t just ask her…listen.  Ask Mom and listen to what she wants, not just the day before or the morning of but give yourself enough time to get it.  Listen to her.  If she says her feet are sore or her nails need a trim, book her a pedicure, if she complains about being sore or tired, book her a massage, if she is worried about aging skin get her moisturizers and lotions, if she wants to pick up a new sport or hobby, get her some supplies…you get the idea.


Breakfast in bed really is sweet.  What mom doesn’t love toast crumbs in her bed?  Kidding. 🙂 Seriously though, breakfast in bed is so thoughtful but I am glad my kids finally realize my breakfast preference is not pancakes or french toast with bacon, sausage and hash browns…that might be their favorite but I prefer eggs & avocado with salt and pepper  or a yogurt parfait and a cup of coffee.  And I also appreciate coming down to a clean and tidy kitchen when I finally do get out of bed.

Some Mom’s love to go out for breakfast or brunch or dinner and there are a few places around town that have something special to offer for a mothers day meal. Check out Mt. Leahman’s Sojourn: Making Memories. There are also some terrific ideas from Foodgressing on places to take mom out for a mothers day meal in Vancouver. If you find yourself out in the Fraser Valley for the Fraser Valley Tulip Trail or Bloom Abbotsford’s Tulip Festival then check out Restaurant 62 Mothers Day menu.


Every mother wants time: time for herself as well as time with you.  So simple yet so precious.  Yes, I love my ME time on Mothers Day, time to sleep in, uninterrupted time to read or take a bath or some time at the spa… but even more so I love the WE time, the time we spend together as family doing stuff together.  It might be a meal shared or a family adventure…but generally on Mothers Day we do all the things that matter to me, when the focus is all about me, Mom :).

Those are a few ideas to celebrate Mom this Mothers Day and check out the latest EcoDairy blog for more great ideas. But please be mindful too, that for some people Mothers Day is rough.  Maybe a Mom has passed away or a Mom wasn’t really there for someone or there is broken relationship, maybe some Mom’s have lost children and feel loss and emptiness while others long to be mom’s but have not yet realized that dream.

Whatever the case may be, cheers to all MOM’s past and present and those yet to be.

Happy Mother’s Day!