My Biker Babe has a Biker Wife

He’s only gone on a few rides but has already developed a love for the life of a cyclist. Could it be the uncomfortable seat, the tight spandex or the burning pain in your muscles and butt after a long ride…who knows but he is hooked.  So much so that on his recent trip to a local bike shop, Lifecycles ( for some supplies he managed to select a bike for me and set it aside for a test drive.

The good news is, I’ve always enjoyed riding bike.  I still remember the thrill of learning to ride when I was 4 and getting my very own, brand new 10 speed as a teenager…which being the 6th of 7 children was a really big deal…nothing was ever new, it was always hand me downs.

I have also enjoyed a lot of rides (day trips; to Fort Langley, Agassiz, Cultas Lake, overnight trips; Galloping Goose Trail ( of course the Ride for MS Grape Escape ( I’m a far more avid rider than Bill, yet he owns more spandex and spent more money on this cycling obsession than me.

biker babe stock

So, perhaps to ease his conscience (or to slim me down or because he actually wants us to cycle together) he set aside a bike for me to test drive.  I was fine with my old bike but couldn’t t resist Bill`s generosity, the smooth ride, great customer service and the sale price.

So yes, if you cant beat them, join them…but I`m not complaining…we will be riding off into the sunset together on my new set of wheels.  This year, Tour de Valley, next year Tour de France!

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