November Movember 2018

It’s November also known as Movember.

And November ..errrr…I mean Movember is all about men’s health.

This month seems to give men license to grow facial hair of some kind when they might otherwise remain clean shaven.  Ohhhh, and all the variations of facial hair for these men, some sport long and furry, not just a mustache but a beard as well … the type of growth where you wonder what might be living in all that fur while others opt for a simple mustache or one of the variations seen in the image above.  I have to say, some people suit the mostache while others look down-right creepy or unrecognizable.

I love this old photo I found in the archives of a bunch of our staff sporting milk mustaches…steamed milk…or maybe whipped cream…anyways, back to Movember…it’s more than just an excuse to grow mustaches.

The Movember movement has done an amazing job of bringing awareness to men’s health and many of the health issues that men face today.  If you are not sure what I’m talking about I suggest you visit the Movember Canada homepage for lots of information and resources.

But before I leave you I want to let you know that Vitala Milk is great for men’s health as well … but dont take my word for it, just check out this article 3 Ways Milk Can Help Shape Men’s Health

So, lets raise our glasses of milk to all the men and their mustaches this Movember.