…it’s our take on Movember.  Unfortunately not all of us can grow facial hair around here so a milky mustache will have to do.

What is Movember?

The month of November has been dedicated to bringing awareness to men’s health and marketing geniuses cleverly called the movement Movember.  To get on board with the movement men everywhere are encouraged to grow their mustaches and facial hair.

Men; they are far less likely than women to speak freely about health issues…especially when it comes to matters of the prostate or mental health.  Movember provides a wonderful, safe and encouraging platform to do just that.

It’s already halfway through November…errrhemm…I mean MOOvember so I am sure you have noticed the growth of facial hair on the faces of a few men in your life.  And perhaps others have been growing out that facial hair but it hasn’t been substantial enough too look like more than anything but a bad shave job.  Weather the mustache is a work of art or a sad attempt we need to applaud everyone who is participating.

Here at Vitala Foods, we believe starting your day with milk & eggs is a good idea when it comes to health and well being.  Just click here to find out how milk can help support men’s health or watch this short informative video outlining the benefits of eggs.

To find out more about this movement check out Movember and ways in which you can help support the cause.

HAPPY MOOvember!