Ohhhhh Christmas tree

The intention was to get some great photos of the kids selecting the perfect Christmas tree for our home…but I need to keep it real and confess we have a fake tree. Yes, it’s fake but let me explain.


Years ago Bill and I would go out and select a real tree with the kids. We wouldn’t chop it down but it would be a potted tree we could replant after Christmas and we could enjoy it for years to come.  I liked that tradition and we think that is the tradition we will adopt again next year. But while in the throws of parenthood with a handful of kids who seemed to enjoy snacking on pine needles and dirt we opted for a fake. I had enough to worry about keeping my kids alive, never mind the Christmas tree.


And so yes, our tree is fake.


But I am comfortable with that. I should also add that ours is a tree of love. It may lack classic style but it’s definitely got a style all it’s own as the kids are in charge of décor. There are ornaments I made, ones the kids made, paper snowflakes and a whole lot more. But we LOVE it. I know it will never grace the pages of a magazine and no one will ever say ‘Wow, I wish my tree could look as good as yours’, but that’s okay because I love it and it fills my heart with pride and joy. Ohhh Christmas tree you make me smile!