Playgroup at EcoDairy

I love my Playgroup mornings here at EcoDairy.  I get to spend time exploring the farm with a handful of curious, fun and really terrific preschoolers.

We wander through the barns to visit the cows, watch the farmer at work, hear the roar of the tractor, smell the fresh cow pies (manure), watch the cows getting milked by the robotic milker, walk through the petting zoo to see the animals being fed, the pens getting cleaned, wander out back through the rows of berries and grapes sampling what we can, we climb the fence to get a better look at the animals grazing in the pasture.  It’s an adventure.  A first hand farm experience.

PG AK grapes PG AS blueberry PG W run

There is never a dull moment with these kids either…their questions, their stories, their mishaps, their observations and ideas…oh the the stories I could tell you.

For instance on our first day of class after saying hello to this particular new boy he turned to his mom and asked where he might find Mrs. Helinda the cow…he literally expected his playgroup teacher to be a cow (literally  not figuratively).  Imagine the disappointment he felt when he realized I WAS Mrs. Helinda, and I was just a lady.

Okay, it might not have been the fist time I’ve been called a cow, but that’s besides the point.

PG M patch

It’s only just the beginning of the year but I can already tell we are going to have a blast!