Road Tripping 2017

Every year we make a SUMMER BUCKET LIST (find out more about it on the EcoDairy blog).

A ‘Road Trip’ usually makes the list and 2017 was no different.

Road Trip 2017

This year Road Trip 2017 took us to some of the most amazing parks and canyons I’ve ever seen; Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Antelope Canyon and a few fun stops along the way including windsurfing, tubing down rivers, hikes to waterfalls, ATVing and dipping our feet in various lakes along the way.

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Looking on a map the ground we hoped to cover all seemed so close and doable… just a few fingers apart but I’m not gonna lie, we did our fair share of driving; Canada BC, into the US, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Nevada…phew!  All that driving made slower by our mode of transportation (an RV) and pit stops along the way.

So you ask…was it worth it?!?  YOU BET!

I could tell you about it all but I’ll focus on the top 3 Canyons we visited this trip.

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah was stunning as we traversed the hoodoos.  We viewed the canyon from above before heading all the way down to the canyon floor, traversing throughout, up and down paths until finally finding an exit and traversing back out to the viewpoints and vistas.  It was hot and our water was scarce and warm by the end and the kids accused us of trying to kill them by making them endure the hike.  But as we sat in the air-conditioned restaurant at the top less than an hour after their constant complaints they reflected on what a great hike it was.  And it was.

road trip 2017 bc hike road trip 17 BC tunnel

Zion National Park

Zion National Park in Utah really took our breath away.  We had only 2 days here and felt we could’ve taken more time as we only hiked a few of the trails.  Day 1 was Angels Landing…we packed more water but the hike up was a challenge because it was up, up, up and hot, hot, hot but there was some shade and an incredible view at the top and from the top it was all down hill which made it less grueling.  road trip 17 zion

Day 2 at Zion we hiked The Narrows, it was a hit with the kiddos as there was no elevation gains and required  hiking up a cool flowing river so overheating wasn’t an issue.  This was by far the kids favorite.

road trip 17 narrows z road trip 17 bill hat z road trip 17 narrows z me

Antelope Canyon

We ventured from Utah to Arizona and visited Antelope Canyon. It was breathtaking.  This canyon is truly a work of art, the colors, the lighting, the rock formations…amazing.  You are unable to have access to this canyon without a Navajo tour guide and there is no shortage of tourists.  It only takes a few hours to explore the upper and lower canyons and it is a very busy place so be sure to pre-book.   So worth the journey and the crowds.

road trip 17 AC

road trip 17 AC all road trip 17 AC view

My Favorite Thing

The sights were breathtaking and these pictures don’t necessarily do them justice but the sights aren’t my favorite part.

My favorite thing about these road trips is being trapped in an RV with my 6 favorite people!  Seriously…

SOOOO MUCH FUN!  SUCH GREAT BONDING!  They cant get away from their momma even if they tried 🙂

Any ideas of where we should go next year.