Run For Water

It looks like the Run for Water has become a family tradition in our home.

The elementary school where my younger kids attend does a great job supporting and promoting the Run For Water event with the help of the Run for Water Team.

After the Run For Water Kick Off event, the kids come home inspired by the speakers they heard, the stories that were shared, the activities, the people, the videos and all they learned about the Run For Water cause. The kids learn about water issues in Ethiopia and find out the reasons why they raise money and run.


It makes us realize how fortunate we are to have running water in our homes at the turn of a tap…to drink, to bathe in, to clean and to cook with as well as toilets to flush.

With the realization of our abundance of water and the Ethiopians need for water we gladly put on our shirts, pinned on our numbers and laced up our shoes and were ready and willing to Run For Water on a beautiful Sunday morning united as a family with the greater Run For Water community.