School Lunches

School lunches: the downside of back to school.
You’ve seen those unbelievably cute and fun lunch ideas pinned and photographed showing you how to make an ordinary sandwich transform into a fun faced monster with tomatoes for eyes, grated cucumber for hair and carefully cut cheese to make the toothy grin.  Cute right?!?  But lets be real, by the time the sandwich makes it to school in the back pack its been jolted and jostled and doesn’t look like a googly eyed monster but is more of a monstrosity, hardly worth the effort.  And there’s a chance it might not even get eaten or appreciated.

Yes, back to school also means the dreaded back to making school lunches.   The lunches I’ve made are not particularly cute or labour intensive but the task can feel overwhelming, especially when you are trying to ensure a balanced diet while at the same time trying keep the troops happy.

Here is a most helpful solution….get your kids to make their own lunches.  Not a free for all but implement some guidelines…a protein, a carb, a fruit, some veggies, etc.

Okay, so they might not be thrilled with the work but I find if you get the kids involved in the process from purchasing the groceries for lunch ingredients, determining the food groups and having a good supply of fun, reusable containers on hand they become inspired.
It’s no longer work but a fun task, a chance for creativity and for them to don their own chef hat.

Throw in a cute serviette and add a surprise note and the kids are thrilled…and they don’t even realize they did all the work…I won’t tell them if you dont