September 2018

And just like that, it’s September and we are Back to School.

This gang was mostly excited to get back to the school routine, although in the photo, someone doesn’t look to impressed. (mug shot)

Were you ready for Back to School?

Thankfully we were mostly prepared in this household.

The kids back packs were full of the necessary supplies.

The shoes fit and did not have holes.

The clothes were clean and ready to wear.

The lunches were prepped with food they would actually eat and appreciate.

We had a balanced breakfast including Vitala eggs and a yogurt smoothie with berries and kale. (yes, I’m bragging 🙂

The only hiccup was getting out of bed…morning always comes a little too early during those first few weeks of school.  It’s a good thing everything else was ready to go otherwise I’m not sure we wouldve gotten out of the house on time.

How was your first week back at school?