Sharing the farm love

HELLO and welcome to the first edition of Pete’s Post. My name is Peter Torenvliet and I am the Farm Manager here at our farm. I am in charge of the farm’s day-to-day operations and the main part of my job is to ensure our cows, chickens, and animal exhibit creatures are healthy and happy.

I’m fairly certain I have the best job in the world. Our goal is to bring healthy food to the world, and my part in that goal is a very practical one where I literally have to get my hands dirty.

Something that has been taking up a lot of my time lately is our U-Pick project. Bill had an idea last year to develop the farmland immediately around our buildings (just to the east and to the north of our site) into an area the public can walk through and enjoy. The idea was to give an even more intimate experience with farming. Now, not only can you see what we do, now you can touch it, smell it, and eat it!

Right now it doesn’t look like much, but we’ve got big plans! We just planted our potatoes and sweet corn last weekend and once the weather clears up, we plan to plant even more crops including blueberries, strawberries, various vegetables, and pumpkins. We’re even dedicating a section to cut flowers and Christmas trees.

You’ll be able to pick your own fruit and buy the produce from our great friends at Nature’s Pickins’.

Our hope is that everyone who visits will take some time to take a stroll out to the back to check it out. Even if it’s just to enjoy the view (including the adjacent rice field!), you’ll go back to your car feeling just a little more relaxed and connected with the land. That’s what puts a smile on my face.

Let us know what you think, is there something you’d love to see us grow? You’re also very welcome to come down and help me weed the rows!

– Pete