Simple Breakfast Ideas

Time for Breakfast???

Do weekday mornings feel rushed with no time for a hearty breakfast? The morning routine can run smoother if you have a simple breakfast plan.

Time for breakfast? You Bet! Turn your mornings into GOOD MORNINGS with these 5 quick and easy breakfast ideas.

Monday Scramble –

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Just crack and scramble eggs with a little bit of salt and pepper for Monday morning. Serve as is or wrap it up and make it a breakfast burrito.

Tuesday Overnight Oatmeal –

A hearty breakfast that is easy to digest and can even be prepared the night before. Check out this Banana Bread Overnight Oats recipe from BC Dairy

Wednesday Cheese & Veggie Pan Omelet

Yes, it sounds fancy but it’s so simple. Beat together eggs and pour into a heated and oiled skillet. Top eggs with bacon bits, cheese, your favorite chopped or minced veggies and salt, pepper and spice then cover and cook until it is ready for a quick flip and serve.

Smoothie Thursday –

Put the smooth back in your day with a yogurt smoothie. Put some Vitala yogurt in the blender, add your favorite frozen berries and fruit, a handful of spinach or kale, a scoop of protein power, maybe a bit of ice and flip the switch. Blend the smoothie to your desired flavor and consistency. These are great for on the go.

Fried Egg Friday

Egg on Toast – Fry up an egg and make some toast for a simple breakfast you can make in minutes and take on the road. Sounds crazy but some people like to add peanut butter and bacon to their Fried Egg Sandwich.

Time for Breakfast! YOU BET!

Bring peace & harmony to the home and put food in your stomachs so you are all ready to start the day.

We would love to hear about your quick and easy go-to breakfast ideas!