Smooth sailing with salmon

With BC arguably the world’s salmon capital, it may seem a little superfluous to be discussing the benefits of this well-established superfood. But, we just couldn’t help ourselves.


Perhaps it has something to do with the delicious cedar-plank salmon we recently indulged in at our long table dinner but we thought it high time for a little refresher on all the reasons why it’s so good for you.


Fish is one of the best sources of vitamin D and wild BC Atlantic or coho salmon has it in spades. This makes it the perfect food to keep those energy levels up during the winter months when sunshine is hard to come by. Salmon is also an excellent source of one of a couple of our other favourite nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids and selenium making it one of your best weapons against cardiovascular disease, arthritis, even cancer.


When buying salmon, look for wild salmon. To get the most healthy benefits from salmon, choose fresh as opposed to previously frozen. SeaChoice has a labelling system which can help make buying sustainable salmon in the grocery store easier. Look for the green “Recommended Best Choice” label.