WE’RE PRETTY sure you need no encouragement to indulge in strawberries right now. There is an absolute abundance of them in stores at great prices. But hey, you might as well know exactly why your body loves them. Right?

Why we love them? Aside from the obvious (their d-liciousness), they are bursting with vitamin C and fiber.

The bad side? Most of the calories in strawberries come from their sugar so go easy on the ice cream (unless it’s Vitala low-sugar Ice Cream of course).

When to buy them? Nothing against their Californian counterparts, but there really is nothing quite like biting into a fresh, locally grown strawberry. They are smaller and sweeter and local produce markets have them in spades right now.

How to eat them? Hieke got to work this week, combining the strawberries and kiwi together to create a salsa. Served with crispy, cinnamon-sugar tortillas and whipped cream – um, amazing. Though there really is no substitute for chopped strawberries with just a dollop of whipped cream!