Summer Bucket List

It’s time again for the annual Vanderkooi Summer Bucket List.


I handed around a note book and had the kids and Bill write down 3 things on their bucket list for this summer.  I did limit it to 3, but I need to consider logistics; 7 people selecting 3 activities has the potential to take up a really big chunk of our summer.


Fortunately and somewhat surprisingly a few items made the list for more than just one family member…probably the power of suggestion.


It’s also funny what items make our Summer Bucket List each year…those activities seem to have become summer traditions rather than items for the bucket list.


Looking at this compilation I’d say we will go on an RV camping road trip, dip our toes in an ocean somewhere, enjoy a dune buggy adventure, spend time at the cabin at Cultas Lake and make sure to hit the Waterslides for a day, I’ll try to arrange for a family horseback ride somewhere and we need to get out there and take a hike…or a few!

So, the good news is we may almost be able to check off all the items on our list and even select a few more.
What’s on your summer bucket list?  We might need some ideas!