Summer Bucket List 2018

Well, it’s already mid July which means summer is in full swing.  We are excited for summer and always have big plans…but as they say ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’.  So, we’ve made a plan as we do every year.  It’s called SUMMER BUCKET LIST 2018.

It not quite a simple tidy list but more of a mind map of words and illustrations.  Some may see it as messy scribbles but we consider it a work of art and something to be displayed to motivate us and keep us on task. As a matter of fact…we are still adding to it so it is an incomplete work of art.

Glad to see we have already get to tick off a few items like gold panning the BC Gold Rush Trail a visit to Barkerville and a river raft adventure.

There is so much fun stuff to do and so many ideas in this household that if we don’t write down those hopes and dreams for summer, they may not happen.

What are you hopes and dreams for summer?  Is there a dreaded task you hope to complete, a dream you wish to fulfill or an adventure you need to go on?  Or all of the above?  Whatever plans are in your head for this summer we encourage you to write them down. It will bring you one step closer to ticking off the items on your very own summer bucket list.

Enjoy every moment…because summer will be over before you know it.